Eastvale’s Demographics

Key Data

  • Year incorporated

    October 1, 2010

  • Surrounding cities

    Jurupa Valley, Chino, Ontario, Norco, and Corona

  • City size

    13.1 square miles

  • Median household income


  • Population


  • Labor force


  • Median age

    33 years old

  • Median Home Value


  • Homeowners/Renters

    79.9% / 20.1%

Citizen Education Statistics


Of Eastvale residents over 25 years old have high school diplomas


Of Eastvale residents over 25 years old have bachelor’s degrees

Ethnic Breakdown

40% Hispanic
29% Asian
21% White
8% Black
2% Other

40% Hispanic


29% Asian


21% White


8% Black


2% Other

Who We Are

Eastvale is a young and vibrant city spanning 13.1 square miles in northwestern Riverside County. We were incorporated on October 1, 2010, and hold the status of second newest city in California following Jurupa Valley. Other cities surrounding Eastvale include Chino, Ontario, Norco, and Corona.

Where We’re Located

Because of our size and our unique location, our community is easy to reach and explore. We are connected to the rest of the region by highways with plenty of entry and exit points throughout the city.

Navigating Eastvale is simple since the city is set up in a grid system with east-west and north-south roadways, and local streets provide vehicular access throughout the city. 

The major roadways include:

• Archibald Avenue

• Limonite Avenue

• Schleisman Road

• Harrison Avenue

• Scholar Way

• Milliken Drive

The closest freeways are Interstate 15, and California State Routes 60, 71, and 91. 

Eastvale Residents

The average Eastvale resident is 32 years old. This young population is educated and enjoys a high standard of living. Businesses that make an effort to connect and offer engaging experiences will gain a customer for life. 

In Eastvale, 8% of our population holds a postgraduate degree, 25% hold a bachelor’s degree, and another 11% hold an associate degree.

Because of a larger household income, Eastvale residents can afford homes with a median range of $700,000. 79.9% of the population are homeowners, while 20.1% are renters. This signifies that people plan to settle in the community for the long term, which denotes a steady and consistent clientele of residents to support businesses within the community.

Eastvale’s population is evenly split between males and females at 49.2% and 50.8% respectively.

Labor Force

Eastvale offers a dynamic labor force. White-collar workers make up 68.3% of the population, and those working in blue-collar jobs make up 31.7%. If we look at Eastvale’s population by industry type it presents a valuable opportunity for new businesses to draw from a pool of diversified talent.

2018 data for Eastvale showed industries that have seen the most growth including: 

• Education and health services have grown by 27%

• Private services have grown by 22% 

• Public services have grown by 21% 

• Manufacturing has grown by 16% 

• Professional and business services have grown by 14%

The growth of industries coupled with the evolution of our labor force positions Eastvale as a powerful location for new business development.


Eastvale residents love to go out for dining and entertainment. Based on a recent community satisfaction survey, experiences involving food and beverage are the highest ranked among residents.

• 51% visit a premium or casual fine-dining restaurant 1-2 times a month
30% visit 3-4 times a month

Residents seek out unique dining experiences that will satisfy their appetite and help them relax and unwind. 

If more premium and casual fine dining experiences existed in Eastvale, 98% of residents said they would frequent those establishments

There is a huge opportunity for business entrepreneurs to capitalize on a resource that isn’t available in Eastvale. Unique, upscale, modern, and experiential dining and nightlife can thrive in Eastvale, especially when there is little competition in the market space.

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