Restaurant and beverage establishments are an important part of economic life in Eastvale. The goal is to reposition the city to capture a dedicated share of the local market from food, arts, and culture to hospitality, entertainment, and services.

In Eastvale, there is a $68-million-dollar sales tax leakage in the food and beverage industry, which equates to approximately $713,000 in potential sales tax revenue each year. When residents are eating outside our city, that money is going to other communities and contributing to services those cities provide for their residents.

“When we started looking into Eastvale we knew this was the best place because of the mixed culture. They were very welcoming and really wanted new businesses to come to Eastvale, so the process was very smooth.” – Amie Chu, District Manager, Ten Ren’s Tea Time

Based on a recent restaurant feedback questionnaire, there is a large retail sales gap
in food and beverage services.

Pie chart with food and beverages services breakdown in percentages.

Premium casual restaurants: 1


Casual dining restaurants: 10


Fast casual restaurants: 25


Fast food restaurants: 18

Fine dining restaurants: 0
*2021 statistics

In a recent survey of Eastvale residents more than 1,800 residents responded with an overwhelming message:

“Eastvale needs more unique dining options.”

Income leakage


Infographic with three icons symbolizing income, restaurant services and success.

Opportunities for restaurants to be successful in Eastvale!

Eastvale provides opportunities for bars and restaurants in many of its key commercial corridors and business shopping centers. With mixed-use development and an increasing number of residents, there is a clear need for growing entertainment and commercial services to create a richly connected community.

Eastvale residents crave a well-implemented system of accessible, convenient, and reliable non-chain food and beverage establishments that draw consumers from inside and outside the community to enhance Eastvale’s growth. 

98% of Eastvale residents polled stated they are leaving Eastvale for dining choices because of a lack of food options.


of Eastvale residents

are leaving Eastvale for dining choices
due to a lack of food options.

Space for New Business

Eastvale is the perfect place to establish your restaurant. With lots of available space, your delicious vision can come to life. You can set the foundation in an unsaturated market. You won’t have to worry about squeezing your restaurant into a small locale, crowded with competitors who are fighting for customers. It’s like having a blank canvas to paint on instead of coloring inside the lines.

Find Your Customers

The residents of Eastvale love to eat out. Your restaurant will thrive in a city where customers have a large budget for discretionary spending and dining. 

In a recent survey of Eastvale adults, 85.2% said they were very interested in the addition of restaurants to the city (Community Satisfaction Study 2021). In addition, 55.4% of responders said they were very interested in:

Our community is hungry for diversity, variety, and flavor. Do you have a vision that encompasses delicious food styled with a hip, sensory enhanced atmosphere that offers a unique array of eats that can’t be found anywhere else? This type of food and beverage establishment will undoubtedly do well in Eastvale. 

There is a tremendous opportunity for restaurant owners to provide an experience that does not yet exist in Eastvale, and the Economic Development team can help you succeed and elevate your business to create value, revenue, and viability.

If you’re ready to open a restaurant in our community, please contact us to get started.

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