Building and Construction

Big City Development With a Local Feel

Eastvale is what a competitive advantage looks like! It’s an ideal place to start or expand your business in building and construction. Experience ‘big city’ development with a ‘local’ feel. 

Building and construction are essential to Eastvale’s success and can generate more jobs, bring desired curb appeal, unite community members, and increase home values.

Whether the development is commercial or residential, construction brings economic stability. But finding a balance between growth and enhancing our community character is key to development implementation. 

Construction and Development Growth Forecast

Companies specializing in construction and development can expect to acquire work and secure long-term contracts. There are still major areas of land in Eastvale reserved for development that call for the right building and construction agencies. The City of Eastvale is carefully vetting those interested in building the future of our city to match our vision.

Eastvale’s sales tax revenue
grew by


between 2016 and 2018
from the building and construction market sector.

Sales Tax Revenue

Between 2016 and 2018, sales tax revenue in Eastvale rose by 9% from building and construction. It has continued to steadily rise year over year showing strong evidence that our community is healthy and continuing to grow. 

Economic and Social Impact

When you see businesses expanding, new commercial buildings being constructed, new neighborhoods being built, and existing homes being renovated, it signifies a growing community. 

Construction has a direct impact on our economy, as it creates jobs which also has a trickle-down effect on other business growth including: 

Real estate
• Tourism
• …and so much more

The city of Eastvale relies on commercial and residential growth for our continued existence and marrying these efforts to our community’s character is key to our success.

The Economic Development Department is seeking to improve our economic position by expanding our labor force, services, and infrastructure that allows locally based businesses to participate more successfully in the marketplace. 

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