Downtown Eastvale

Eastvale’s vision is to create a dynamic, distinctive downtown with mixed-use, retail, office, hotel, housing, public spaces and a civic center.

The project will feature high-quality architecture and design to create a sense of place while enhancing the aesthetic and visual quality of the neighborhood. Bringing a more compact and urban form of development to the city, Downtown Eastvale will provide new and unique opportunities for various business uses.

The property is located at the intersection of two of the city’s major roadways, Hamner and Limonite Ave, adjacent to two of the state’s top 100 shopping centers.

The Inland Empire’s Newest Lifestyle Center

  • Up to 2,500 new homes
  • 160-acre downtown and civic center development
  • Up to 595,000 sq. ft. of retail and commercial space available

Eastvale’s Downtown Center

The plan’s vision calls for the creation of a downtown center and regional destination anchored by a “lifestyle” retail center including a mix of complementary public spaces.

Click here to read about Phase I plans  to build the downtown space.

(Conceptual layout—subject to change)

Public spaces in the project will bring people together and allow for community events such as:  

Light blue icon representing concerts


Green icon representing street markets


Yellow icon representing art exhibitions


Red icon representing special event

Community celebrations

Other uses will include:  

Light blue icon representing office space

Office space

Light green icon representing hotels


Yellow icon representing housing


Red/magenta icon representing Civic Centers

Civic center complex

Space for New Businesses

Businesses that will cater to residents’ needs include: 

• Specialty restaurants including fine-dining, and farm-to-table
• Specialty shopping boutiques
• Bars and nightlife
• Entertainment venues 

The lifestyle center will accommodate a mix of pedestrian-oriented retail, office, and residential uses with a prominent open space network of landscaped streets, paseos, promenades, and public space that forms a central community gathering place. Other permitted opportunities could include:  

• Kiosks, vendor carts, vending machines
• Personal service establishments including day spas, therapeutic massage, etc.
• Live-work units

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