Select a Business Location

Comprehensive. Customized. Calculated. This is how the City of Eastvale’s Economic Development Department approaches every business site solution. Strategic thinking is our second nature because we know that choosing a business location is one of the most important aspects of starting a business, and oftentimes, how you go about choosing your business’s location will define your organization.

How to Choose the Right Business Location

Consider your target audience and where they’re located. If your business relies on foot traffic, position your business as close to where your target audience is clustered.

Consider where your competitors are. You don’t want to move in next door or across the street from a rival. Find a place that will allow you to establish your base, which can also help you gauge demand. 

Finding the right business location isn’t just about the property. It’s also about what’s on the property. Consider your location from a potential client or customer’s perspective. Will they find it ideal, easy to access, and welcoming?  

Research Eastvale’s zoning code. This allows you to gauge what business activities are allowed according to the area. If you’re a retail store or restaurant, considering the proximity to commercial zoning can be essential. 

Good foot traffic can be the crown jewel for certain small businesses. Visit the area several times throughout the day so you can see how crowds ebb and flow, which will confirm whether the traffic meets the needs of your business. 

Consider accessibility for every person who may come to your place of business. Is there ample parking and is the facility accessible to deliveries? Will your supplier be able to access your location easily? Like foot traffic, you should monitor to see how the parking demand fluctuates and is adequately maintained. 

Our interactive maps show which areas in Eastvale are available for development, current projects underway, airports, zoning districts, and more. 

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