6 Quick Tips for Opening a New Restaurant

Opening a New Restaurant in Eastvale

The City of Eastvale is excited you are considering or are in the process of opening a new restaurant in our city. The demand is here, and with the right business plan and motivation, you are sure to find success. But don’t forget about the small stuff. We compiled a list of six quick tips you need to think about to open your restaurant with success.

1. Consider Used Restaurant Equipment

One area that can feel overwhelming when opening a new restaurant is the equipment. Don’t overlook used restaurant equipment. You can find many gently used pieces for pennies on the dollar. Many companies offer leased restaurant equipment, which can save a lot of money as you get ready to open. Equipment with short life spans like ice machines is perfect for a monthly lease. Vendors sometimes also offer leased equipment like coffee makers and coolers for free, so long as you buy their products. Save some money and look for alternatives to buying new.

2. Is a POS System Better Than a Cash Register?

Unlike a standard cash register which just tracks sales, a point-of-sale system (POS) can track sales, menu items, act as a time clock for employees and even help take reservations. A POS system will cost more than a cash register, but if used to its full potential, will pay for itself and help you scale your business with more concrete reporting.

3. Don’t Hire Just Anyone

If your restaurant will include servers and a bar area, be selective about who staffs your establishment. Finding staff that knows how to pour drinks, but also excel in customer service is key to longevity. Depending on the restaurant style and setup, staff will make or break your brand, persona, and overall feel it gives customers when they visit. As a restaurant owner, it’ll be hard for you to be in all places at once, so hiring reliable, friendly staff that you can trust is crucial to success.

4. Apply for a Liquor License Early

If you are planning on opening a restaurant that serves beer, wine or spirits, be sure to apply for a liquor license as soon as possible. Don’t hold up your opening day waiting for the license to be approved.

5. Choose an Original Restaurant Name

It may seem like a harmless gesture to name your restaurant something like an already established chain, but you’ll be asking for potential legal troubles. A unique restaurant name is the basis of your brand and vision, so take the time to choose wisely. Be sure to check the City of Eastvale’s business registration page to make sure the name you choose isn’t already taken.

6. Licensing and Permits are Key

Work with the City of Eastvale to secure the required license and permits and be sure to acquaint yourself with the municipal code so you remain in compliance.

The City of Eastvale is hungry for diversity, variety and flavor. If you have a vision the encompasses delicious food styled with a hip atmosphere, you will undoubtedly do well in Eastvale!

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