Love Eastvale. Shop Eastvale.

Love Eastvale. Shop Eastvale. This is your portal to Eastvale’s local businesses and a place to learn how you can shop locally to support our residents and neighbors. 

When you buy local, our money stays local, and it strengthens our economy in two ways:

1. Buying local keeps money circulating within the local economy, and studies have shown that local businesses recirculate a greater share of every dollar as they create local supply chains as well as invest in their employees.

2. It strengthens our local sales tax, allowing the city to fund general city government operations and projects to support economic development and growth.

How Does Sales Tax Support Economic Development?

• It gets reinvested into public safety programs

• Maintenance of city infrastructures like roads and sidewalks

• Planning and design of future development

By Supporting Local Business You Help:

• Grow our local economy

• Fund community programs

• Create local jobs

• Local owners support local businesses

• Increase consumer choices

• Create better customer service 

• Increase the value of our community wortH

• Promote local entrepreneurship

Eastvale’s businesses are owned by people who live here and are invested in our community’s future. When you support local business you are usually getting better products and better service while keeping wealth local. All of this increases the value of our community, and for that, we all grow stronger. Put your money where your heart is and shop local.

An angled view of Little Eastern Cafe in Eastvale.

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