Eastvale’s Shopping Centers Rank in the Top 100 in California

Eastvale Gateway Shopping Center

In a recent report released by Placer Labs Inc., two of Eastvale’s shopping centers rank top 100 in California. Eastvale Gateway ranked at #36, and the Goodman Commerce Center ranked at #91 out of 4,310 shopping centers. These rankings showcase that Eastvale’s retail industry is competitive and thriving.

“This is a remarkable recognition to receive considering the size and age of our city,” said Miguel Ramirez-Cornejo, senior management analyst for the city’s economic development department. “This can only mean that Eastvale is on an upward trajectory with a much brighter future fueled by our economic development efforts to grow our community.”

Ultimately, residents benefit the most, as the city’s landscape has evolved into a thriving scene of commerce, with many exciting opportunities for growth on the horizon.

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