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How Eastvale’s Tech Helps Drive Economic Development

By providing business owners in our commUNITY with the right set of tools, we can help weave technology with business operations to help achieve a higher level of success. Keep reading to learn how Eastvale’s tech helps drive economic development.
A view of the Goodman Commerce Center fountain in Eastvale.

Two of Eastvale’s Top Economic Development Projects in 2021

2021 has been a year of change, progress, and investment for Eastvale. Our city has made great strides in economic development and business expansion, with the goal of welcoming more unique and elevated businesses that residents have been craving. Today, we have two of Eastvale’s top economic development projects in 2021 to share with you.

A Customer Success Story – Nearmap partners with Eastvale

Nearmap partners with Eastvale to provide accurate maps of open spaces available for development in the city. The partnership proved to be highly successful, as Nearmap was able to update the City of Eastvale’s site imagery to a level unachievable with traditional aerial maps.
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A return to normal shopping routines and pre-pandemic habits

Reports indicate that customers are returning to normal shopping routines and spending in-person is bouncing back from pandemic lows. For Eastvale, this means money flowing back into our economy as local spending increases to match regional and national trends. Small and large businesses throughout our community are set to benefit.

Creativity by the cup

Your cup of morning joe is essential. The pastry that you pair it with is significant. And where you choose to obtain both are just as important, because the best coffee and pastries come from family-owned shops.
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12 Steps to Starting a Business in Eastvale

The City of Eastvale wants to help you succeed, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to get on the fast track to financial independence.
Eastvale Gateway Shopping Center

Eastvale’s Shopping Centers Rank Top 100 in California

Two of Eastvale's shopping centers ranked amongst the top 100 retail centers in all of California. Eastvale Gateway ranked at #36, and the Goodman Commerce Center ranked at #91 out of 4,310 shopping centers.
Eastvale Coffee Barista
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Popular Small Business Ideas for the 21st Century Entrepreneur

Launch a new career as an entrepreneur or expand your existing business footprint into a new era.